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      Over my career I've had the pleasure to work with some very good leaders and folks who really cared about the culture of their workplaces. However, as we all have, I've worked with, and for, some folks who had no business leading people. It was incredibly frustrating watching good people leave the places I've worked. I started HRSnapshot hoping to help businesses reduce turnover, improve culture, and thereby increasing profitability.
     Retaining talent is paramount to running and maintaining a successful business. The common benchmark for replacing an hourly employee is between $3000 and $4000.  This loss will never show up on the bottom line. Culture plays a huge role in retaining good people and I believe HRSnapshot can help you identify any shortcomings, as well as any wins, at your location/s .
      We are an extension of your own HR department with one key advantage. We can get answers to sensitive subjects that might be awkward to approach if they were addressed by your own people.  Is there union activity?  Is there sexual harassment in the workplace, etc.   We can be used to visit locations with documented high turnover and employee relations calls as well as spot checking locations to make sure the culture is on par with your expectations.
     I look forward to explaining our process and why I think HRSnapshot will help your business retain good people, have a positive culture, and increase your bottom line.